October 11, 2000
DVAMC Waco, Texas

Annual MOCA Ice Cream Social


 L to R

Charl Roberson, Sally Pruitt, Pebble Ware serve up Ice Cream

 Patients enjoying the local in-house band while having their ice cream

 More ice cream!!

 Local resident sings
Silver Wings

 Patients look on as the Cootie Clowns do their thing

 Sally....always serving with a smile

 A few Abilene Clowns

 Is that a Playboy Bunny?

 Charl gets in on the action!

 Cootie Roy & Charlene share a Kodak moment

 L to R

Cootie Roy & wife June, Pat and Bob's better side, er.. um...back side
   Now that would not be one of our volunteers flirting would it?

  Don't you have some ice cream to serve or something?