November 11, 2003

      The city of Fort Worth had a patriotic parade this morning. There were thirteen submarine veterans with the Submarine Float in the #44 entry position. The total number of units entered is unknown, but the parade of motorized and marching units was well over one mile in length. The Submarine Veterans participating were from the Cowtown Chapter SVWWII and/or the Cowtown Base USSVI that meet at noon on the third Saturday each month in the Green Oaks Hotel, 6901 West Freeway, Fort Worth.

Members participating included: Cowtown Chapter President Bill Coffey, Cowtown Base Commander Walt Eller, Driver & duty auxiliaryman Ciro "Loopie" Lopiccolo, Cowtown Chapter Secretary/Treasurer Steve Mocio, Cowtown Base Vice Commander Rich Nelson, Klaxon Operator Frank C. Havlak, NTINS Les Hewett, Chuck Schaub, Hestal Walher, Larry Phillips, Howard Johnston, "official photographer" Mark Shobe and Roy Ator.

All photographs are courtesy of Shipmate Mark Shobe. Thank you Sir for providing them.

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