Diesel Submarine Stories

Background: About a decade ago or so, I suppose 1994-95 timeframe when I was very new to the internet, I  started a personal web site on lipan.net. It has been a real learning experience. I  discovered a great deal of submarine related info online. An area of personal interest that I'd been "away from" for more than twenty years. Somehow I came across a site with some writings by Frank G. Charlton III a.k.a. "Chuck Charlton" called "Forces Adrift". One chapter really got my attention with the memories that it stirred for me. I attempted to contact the author without success. So, I 'borrowed' this chapter and placed it on my personal web site. On January 19, 2006 I finally established email contact with Chuck. He has agreed that I may post some of his writings online. Thus, this folder is born. I hope that each of you will enjoy these stories as much as I do. As one observer has stated, "This guy do have a way wit woids ..."

Each story is Copywrited by the author.

A Sense of Smell The Whistle
Forces Adrift

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