Some veterans have service ribbons, combat theater ribbons,  personal awards or honors  and/or specialty badges.
Some have all. Additionally there are unit name patches and logos.
When among veterans, the display of these is a resume of sorts.

When one has pride in their respective service, they like to show that they've
"Been There and Done That!"

Also, they are a means of recognition of those that have served in the same theater, unit, ship or submarine.
More than one reunion has occurred through this recognition process
where decades may have passed and our features have changed.
So, I've got to have a vest for MY display!
Made in U.S.A.

This new vest arrived Thursday, 4-12-01.
It will have to be dressed up.
It is of blue denim material with a western cut.
The back lists some of my boats.
The Dolphins are embroidered with yellow gold thread.
Will add more pictures after it is decorated.
Many patches to be sewn on now
Some users will also add patches from their respective Veterans organization or Unit Association.
Contact Roy for additional information.

A work in progress - Patches just pinned on. Decisions - decisions! What do I want to put where?

16 April 01