To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country. That their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments. Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States Government.

Unites States Navy

ATOR served aboard the USS McGOWAN DD-678, USS SOUTHERLAND DDR-743, USS EVERETT PF-8, USS SAINT PAUL CA-73, USS PHILIPPINE SEA CV-47, USS HANCOCK CVA-19, and the USS MALOY EDE-791 prior to attending the Basic Enlisted Submarine School in 1960. ATOR graduated number five in a class of 208. ATOR completed his enlisted qualification in April 1961 aboard the USS DIODON SS-349 as an FT1. ATOR then went through training on the Fleet Ballistic Missile Fire Control System and was an instructor at the USNGMS prior to making a deterrent patrol as an FTCS(SS) aboard the USS CASIMIR PULASKI SSBN-633B. ATOR having been promoted to Chief Ordnance Control Technician (W-1) was assigned to NOTU, PAFB doing DASO instrumentation on many US & UK FBMs. CWO ATOR was selected for LDO and completed his submarine officer qualifications in November 1970 while serving as the engineer aboard the USS TIRANTE SS-420. ATOR completed his active duty as the instrumentation officer for OTSU-2 aboard the USNS RANGE SENTINEL T-AGM-22 out of Port Canaveral. Following retirement from the USN, ATOR received a B.B.A. degree at Tarleton State University.

 ATOR is a primary member of Cowtown Base and is also a life member of Groton Base and Lockwood Internet Base. ATOR has been a life member of USSVI since early 1997. ATOR is a past volunteer at the Waco VA Medical Center. ATOR has talked to thousands of public school students about our submarine heritage with a group of veterans that conduct patriotic seminars on a volunteer basis. Most recently ATOR was the Veterans Speaker Coordinator for a local intermediate school’s two day, nine session patriotic seminar for approximately 750 5th & 6th graders plus about fifty adults including school faculty, administration personnel and some parents of  the student body. This is the implementation of the USSVI CREED in a very public forum. 4 September 10