A summary of my Navy Career

I'll attempt in the next several pages to highlight some of the events that this swabbie experienced during his tours of active duty in the United States Navy. This is an ongoing project and may never get completed. Ya gotta start somewhere. There is a Glossary page for those that aren't familiar with some of the military acronyms used.

I enlisted in 1950 and transferred to the retired list in 1973. I served on surface men-o-war and submarines. I wouldn't take for the experience. Granted, some duty stations were definitely much better than others!

The layout is mostly in chronological order. Starting with first enlistment then progressing through twenty two years of service. There will be links imbedded to pictures of vessels served on and other points that apply. Please use your "back" button to return if I've failed to provide a good link back. I'm not a 'pro' at HTML and just sorta stumble along.

The first page will cover from bootcamp through my first WESTPAC deployment.

Followed by my return to CONUS. Etceteras...

23 January 2002: I have the basic outline posted. Now the heavy work starts, Add the stories that should be included with most of the entries. Add links to pages with info on each vessel listed. These pages haven't been constructed as yet.

20 February 2002: I've added a page of "offsite" links to some of the commands where I served.  Click HERE