Entered the USN at the Naval Recruiting Sub-Station in  Abilene on 18 December 1950 as a Seaman Recruit. Was bussed to Dallas for physical examination, testing  and in processing with many more recruits from around Texas. We then traveled by troop train (first time that I saw a woman smoke a cigarette in public)  to the NTC at San Diego for bootcamp. Started 1st week at San Diego for outfitting and initial indoctrination & Christmas then my Company 50-600 moved to Camp Elliot. Camp Elliot was 'out in the desert' and had been mothballed since WW II. Only the rifle range had been in use there. What an experience for this young lad! My company drew first messcooking assignment at the chow hall and galley. After one week, it still didn't pass inspection so we were assigned an additional week.  We had to get up on the roof and kai-yai the shingles to get all of the accumulated dust off. This event extended our graduation by one week. Completed recruit training on 3 March 1951 and was promoted to Seaman Apprentice.

MAR 51 – Attended the RD “A” School, Treasure Island, California. Topics included search radars, plotting instruments and IFF equipment. Stood "Sonar by the Sea" watches in leggings and found out how cold San francisco Bay can get in the wee hours. Rode the "A" train from YBI to Oakland for liberty. Probably got my first tattoo there?  Designated as RDSA upon graduation 8 June 51.

JUN 51 – Attended two weeks of CIC team training at Point Loma. Experienced liberty in "T" town. Hey, we couldn't get anything but "near-beer" in San Diego. Lost my neckerchief on one of those outings & got written up  by the Shore Patrol.

JUL 51 – Assigned to the recommisioning detail for the USS McGOWAN DD-678 at Long Beach Naval Station. Chipping, painting and messcooking! Plus my first Captain's Mast under the old "Rocks & Shoals", the Articles for the Government of the Navy. The lost neckerchief case resulted in a good butt chewing, if my memory serves me right.  This was prior to the UCMJ being placed into law. Promoted to RDSN on 30 NOV 51.

DEC 51 – Transferred to the USS SOUTHERLAND DDR-743 at San Diego. Received the Golden Dragon Award for my first crossing of the International Date Line at 28 deg 30 min N on 5FEB52. My first WESTPAC cruise was aboard the “Southbound” as a CIC watchstander during six months of operations in Korean waters and became proficient on manning any station in CIC for Shore Bombardment & Task Force Operations. Performed routine tests on electronic equipment using test equipment, such as tube testers, multimeters, and output meters required in operational and preventive maintenance of radar equipment and associated ECM gear.

JUL 52 – Transferred as an RDSN to USS EVERETT PF-8 as the Station Ship at Hong Kong. While on the EVERETT, we also did a Korean deployment and a thirty day shipyard upkeep at Sasebo, Japan. I was promoted to RD3 on 16 OCT 52. Ultimately we took the EVERETT to the shipyard at Yokosuka for decommissioning and transfer to the JSDF.

2 APR 53 – 1 JUL 53: Patient at USNH  #3923, Yokosuka, Japan.

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