Many acronyms and abbreviations are used by the military. Here are some of those used within these pages.

AFETR – Air Force Eastern Test Range
Bootcamp – Primary Military Training for a new recruit.
CA – Heavy gun cruiser
CIC – Combat Information Center
CONUS – Continental United States
CV – Aircraft Carrier
CVA – An attack aircraft carrier
CVS – A strike aircraft carrier
CWO – Chief Warrant Officer, the lowest commissioned officer grade.
DASO – Demonstration and Shakedown Operation
DD – Destroyer
DDR – Destroyer configured as a Radar Picket vessel.
ECM – Electronic Countermeasures
EDE – A destroyer escort designated for experimental use.
FBM – Fleet Ballistic Missile
FT1 – Fire Control Technician First Class, indicating the rate of Fire Control Technician and the rank of Petty Officer First Class.
HMS – Her Majesty’s Ship, denoting a ship in the Royal British Navy.
IFF – Identification, Friend or Foe
JSDF – Japanese Self Defense Force
LMSC – Lockheed Missile and Space Company
NAVRECSTA – Naval Receiving Station
NNMC – National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD.
NOB – Naval Operating Base
NOTU – Naval Ordnance Test Unit
NSY – Naval Shipyard
OT/FOT – Operational Test/Follow On Test
OTSU – Operational Test Support Unit
PAFB – Patrick Air Force Base
PF – Patrol Frigate
RDSN – Radarman Seaman, rate & rank.
SS – Submarine
(SS) Designated as qualified in submarines: As in FT1(SS).
SSBN – Submarine, Nuclear powered configured with Ballistic Missiles
TAD – Temporary Additional Duty
TDS – Target Designation System
U.S.S. or USS – United States Ship
USNGMS or GMS – United States Navy Guided Missile School that  was co-located  with FAAWTC [Fleet Anti-Aircraft Warfare Training Center]  at Dam Neck, Virginia (near Virginia Beach).
USNRSS – United States Navy Recruiting Sub-Station.
USNH – United States Naval Hospital
USNS – United States Naval Ship
USNTC – United States Navy Training Center
WESTPAC – Western Pacific
WO1 – Rank of Warrant Officer, an NCO (non-commissioned officer) between the senior enlisted and junior commissioned officer grades.

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