AUG 1953 – Returned to CONUS aboard a troopship, the USNS Wm. A. Mann T-AP-112, from Yokohama to Seattle. Acquired an acute case of blood poisoning on that voyage. Wound up in sick bay and was offloaded as a "stretcher case" at Pier 91. Transported by ambulance and ferry to Bremerton Naval Hospital. Took ten days to get cleared from there so I could take my thirty days R & R! In good 20/20 hindsight, it did have its humorous moment. We were the first troopship to arrive after the armistice was signed at Panmunjon. It was signed during our trip. There was a conference of State Governors going on in Seattle. Naturally they couldn't pass up a good photo op with the returning troops. I got all kinds of accolades in my "stretcher" as they assumed me to be a war casualty! LOL

SEP 53 – Following thirty day leave, reported to NAVRECSTA San Diego awaiting reassignment.

OCT 53 – Reported aboard the USS SAINT PAUL CA-73 at Long Beach Naval Station for duty. Spent most of this tour in dry-dock at Bremerton. CIC was gutted and an all new operations suite was installed. The Puget Sound area villages were great liberty for a young, single PO3.

FEB 54 – Transferred to NAVSTA Long beach for separation. End of my "kiddie cruise" with a 60 day early release. The police action in Korea appeared to be finished with the signing of the truce and as usual our military went into the RIF mode. Spent the summer working for Consolidated Vultee on the B-36 featherweight program in Fort Worth. I worked in the removal and installation of all electronic equipment on the aircraft. Then started college in the fall semester.

JAN 55 – Having re-enlisted in Lubbock (as RD3) after attending a semester at Texas Tech, reported to NAVRECSTA San Diego for outfitting and reassignment.

FEB 55 – Reported aboard the USS PHILIPPINE SEA CVA-47 for duty. Made another WESTPAC cruise during this tour. Promoted to RD2 on 16 MAY 55.

JAN 56 – Reported as a trainee in the FT Conversion School, Anacostia, Washington, D.C. Promoted to RD1 on 16 MAY 56.
14 JULY 1956: Married Margaret June Wade  at the Anacostia Naval Chapel. 18-26 September ’56, patient USNH, NNMC, Bethesda, MD.

FEB 57 – Reported aboard the USS HANCOCK CVA-19 at Alameda, California for duty as an RD1. OCT 57 attended Atomic Defense Monitor School at Treasure Island.  My rate was changed to FT1 on 14 OCT 57. Two WESTPAC deployments were made during this tour. One as an RD and one as an FT. Attended FT “C” school on MK 6 TDS at Great Lakes (26 JAN 59 – 13 MAR 59) as this ‘new’ equipment was installed on the HANCOCK during an overhaul at Hunter’s Point NSY.

5 SEP 59 – Reported aboard the USS MALOY EDE-791 as the senior Fire Control Technician at Submarine Base, Groton. The MALOY worked out of the Underwater Sound Laboratory, Fort Trumball. Transferred 18JUL1960.

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