2000 Reunion
Robertson, R. D.

Robbie is host for the

2001 reunion 


Silverdale, Washington

Right to left:

E. L. Beach

Debbie Holder

CMC Joe Holder

Terrie Robertson 

 Left to right:

Mary Grace & Brad Veek

Larry Flaman

Dusty May

Carolyn Grissom

Sunday's Banquet
 Aspinwall, P. F.

Page was the commisioning yeoman and this was his first Tirante reunion.

Host Jack Waters

at the podium as the chow was being set up.

Waters, J. I.

Bachman, H. H.
Harold with his wife Mary Lou to your left 


Mary Grace Veek 

Grissom, R. O.

Dick and Carolyn

 Dusty May

(with back to podium)

with yet another

sea story.

Richard Grissom


Dallas, Texas