Date:   12/9/2001 5:57:54 PM
Subject:   I have ORDERS!!!
Message:   Drill yesterday was better than all thus far, except they dropped a bomb on me. It seems my AT Request to attend the NPSAC (Non-Prior Service Accession Course)"Bootcamp" got lost and I was dropped off the Great Lakes quota for January.

ALL HELL!!! And just when I thought I could handle all that cold and yelling. The LPO told me they might turn up, so I was to go ahead with plans to do all my check out stuff.

He came back later and told me that he phoned Great Lakes and they still had me on their list for Jan 3rd, so I was to get all my medical and dental finalized on Sunday. He also told me that "the folks in Intel are known for losing paper-work". When I asked if I should contact my unit, he stated loud and clear "NO!"

So I show up this morning and head with a group over to medical. Only had to get 2 more shots, establish my dental and then sign my records out.
I was in and out in record time. 1 Hour!

Gee, I still had 2 hours before I was due to report back to the training building so I had to come up with something constuctive to do for the next couple of hours. Got it! I have to walk by my units command center on the way back to the training building, so I decided to pop in and say hello.

You guessed it! I went right to the Chief over my command and told him what I'd been told by the LPO.
One quick phone call and my orders were located!
He also commended me for taking the inititive to ignore the LPO and follow up myself.

I completed my final check out, have my records, in processing papers (all the originals), passed seabag inspection and was handed my orders along with a plane ticket which has me arriving at O'Hare at 14:41 hours on January 3rd. BBRRRRRR!!!!!!

When I return from Great Lakes I WILL BE A UNITED STATES SAILOR!

Am scheduled to report to JICPAC (my drilling unit) the second weekend in February, unless I am placed on active duty prior to that date. First item will be to take the PO exam upon reporting.

Oh, and I do know the 11 General Orders of a Sentry, the Sailor's Creed, Anchors Aweigh (but I already knew that one), but I still need to get the Great Lakes CoC memorized.

I am good to go!

Oh BTW, Saturday morning the base CO called an inspection. The MCPO who inspected my unit, MC Birch, was wearing Dolphins.