What was Robin's motivation to join a uniformed military service? I wouldn't begin to speculate as to her reasoning nor should I. I do know that she was within weeks of a birthday that would put her past the maximum age for entry by persons without prior military service. She entered 'just under the wire' as the statutory age prerequisite stands. She did not seek my advice nor consent. She did request that I be available to administer the enlistment oath. This did require some scheduling as her mother and I were attending the annual national conventions of the VFW & MOC in Milwaukee. The big event finally was consummated on Thursday afternoon, August 30, 2001.

Then twelve short days later on September 11, 2001, the following occurred: Four U.S. commercial passenger airliners were high jacked by terrorists and crashed. Two of them took down the World Trade center complex in NYC. One crashed into Pentagon. And the other went down in Pennsylvania. All this immediately after Robin's first 'drill' weekend on September 8th & 9th.


Now that was an "attitude" adjustment extraordinaire! Robin shifted to flank speed and with strong personal determination applied herself to the completion of the many prerequisites for attending basic training. This is normally accomplished over a period of nine months or so. Upon completion of her third drill weekend, she had completed the Basic Military Requirements (BMR) course and the extensive administrative and medical requirements then came home with her "orders" in hand!

Excuse me, if my pride is showing.

Her dad