MA2 Robin Ator Greer
15 July 2006

It has been awhile since I've done an update on Robin's Navy experience.  She's currently on active duty for training (ADT) at NAS JRB Fort Worth augmenting the base security force. Today they were in parade uniform for the base CO change of command ceremony, thus this uniform rather than her normal Battle Dress Utilities (BDUs).

Robin officially became an MA2 on 16 FEB 06 having been frocked several weeks earlier. She's ready for the E-6 exam cycle as soon as she has 12 months in grade. She tells me, no sweat, as she is ready!

Now for the good news vs bad news story...... She is receiving orders for a thirteen month tour as an instructor on the staff of a newly established (in the works) Class 'A' School for reserve Master At Arms in Little Creek, Virginia. Of the more than fifty candidates applying, she is one of five (5) selected! This is classified as Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW). Otherwise she was sweating an eighteen month tour out of
Bahrain as a Persian Gulf ship security rider or as a prison guard in the Baghdad arena. Her peers are all receiving orders....

Smart gal we raised, huh? There always seems to be an apropriate time to "volunteer"!

The trainees at this school are being prepped to deploy to
Iraq as infantry sailors not as law enforcement personnel.

They anticipate training approximately 700 reserve MAs annually.