Graduation Day Smiles

MASN Robin Ator - Graduate

16 July 2004
Carter Hall
Lackland AFB

Robin has just graduated from the Navy's Class "A" MA School. This two months of intensive instruction included 240 hours in Navy Law Enforcement. And the old Geezer LT is mighty proud too!

Robin enlisted on an eight year contract as a drilling reservist about two weeks prior to the major 9/11/01 event. She had one drill weekend (her first) just before the event. She was enlisted with the designator of Information Tech (IT). She was assigned to an intel unit and went through the extensive background checks and was assigned a high level security clearance required for Intelligence Specialist (IS) duties. She wasn't 'happy' in this environment and was eventually able to get reassigned to a Naval Security group that has evolved into a Reserve Naval Security Force for NASJRB Fort Worth. Her successful completion of this MA school has enabled her rating designator change to Master-at-Arms (MA).

She has a college degree in Criminal Justice and her primary civilian employment is working for the Texas State Attorney General as a Law Enforcement Officer. The Navy MA specialty is more compatable with her civilian career of choice.

MASN Robin Ator

30 AUG 04 on active duty at NAS Fort Worth JRB. An active member of the base security force until her current tour of active duty is completed.

MASN Robin Ator

Her activation duties with NAS JRB NSU were completed on 9/30/04. She now resumes her prior status as a drilling reservist and working full time for the Office of the State Attorney General as a Law Enforcement Officer. She has completed over three years of her eight year contractural obligation. Her wedding to Brazos River Authority Lake Ranger Alan Greer is scheduled for Saturday, 11/6/04.

Updated 2 October 2004