Assigned to Lackland AFB, Texas


As last reported, Robin was assigned to active duty for special work (ADSW) in the Little Creek, Dam Neck and Norfolk, Virginia area as a member of the staff cadre to establish a new Class “A” school for the MA rating. Following about four months there getting the school established and up to speed, she was involuntarily mobilized and went through the full mobilization process in Norfolk. She is now “active duty Navy” for a year or more.


Following activation, she executed transfer orders to the Navy Training Facility at Lackland AFB in San Antonio as a staff instructor in the MA School there. She anticipates this to be a long term assignment. As classes resume on Monday, she will be teaching General Military Training, Law Enforcement and other appropriate topics to enlisted sailors as prescribed for the MA rating.


She expects to be able to spend most weekends at home with her family [four hour drive each way]. She took annual leave as a delay in route and was able to spend the holidays at home. It truly is a Happy New Year! Of course, Ma & Pa are pleased too.

Update -Update - Update

MA2 Robin Greer is in receipt of written orders for demobilization from active duty in early December. She will be reporting back to her reserve unit at NAS JRB Carswell Field, Ft Worth before Christmas. There she will resume her normal drilling reservist status. It is anticipated that she will return to her old job with the Texas Attorney General's Office in Ft Worth unless a more favorable job offer should turn up. We are most pleased that she is completing her mobilization with the active forces honorably and is able to return to her family.

Another joyful Holiday Season is upon us!


18 NOV 07